Roland Noske — publications

A.   Books 

This publication has received the following reviews:     

        1.    In Language 71 (1995),385-386, by Caroline Wiltshire. pdf

        2.    In Linguistische Berichte 163 (1996), 253-264, by T.A. Hall;

        3.    In International Journal of American Linguistics 51/4 (1995), 426-428, by Eugene Buckley. pdf

        4.     In Word 48 (1997), 322-325, by Douglas C. Walker. pdf

B.   Book chapters

C.    Articles in journals

D.    Articles in conference proceedings (*refereed)


E.   Unpublished
  • 2001. (habilitation synthesis + thesis/ synthèse + mémoire d'habilitation) La réanalyse historique comme outil de validation des théories. Université Denis Diderot Paris 7. pdf
  • 1992. A Theory of Syllabification and Segmental Alternation. With studies on the phonology of French, German, Tonkawa and Yawelmani. Doctoral Thesis, Tilburg University (modified version published  in 1993 (see above)). pdf
  • 1988. (with N.S.H. Smith and H. de Wit) ‘Yurok: vowel and consonant features and their interaction’. Department of General Linguistics, University of Amsterdam. pdf
  • 1985. ‘Un paramètre de syllabification.’ "To appear"  in  Actes du Colloque de phonologie plurilinéaire, Université Lyon 2, June 17-20, 1985. pdf
  • 1981. ‘Theoretical Issues in Syllabic Phonology. A critical study of the theories of syllabification and a proposal concerning the interaction of syllabification and syllable changing rules in French’ MA thesis, directed by Irene Vogel. Uni­versity of Amsterdam. iii, 99 p. pdf 
  • 1977. ‘Relativisatie, Cleft-konstrukties direkte en indirekte vragen in het Creools van Frans Guyana.’ [Relativisation, cleft construction, direct and indirect questions directes in the creole language of French Guyana]. Ms., University of Amsterdam.
  • 1976. ‘De onhoudbaarheid van de voorstellen gedaan door Gross in diens artikel „Sur une règle de « cacophonie” (1967) en een betere oplossing voor de in dat artikel aangesneden problemen.’ [The impossibility of the proposals made by Gross in his article “Sur une règle de « cacophonie »" (1967) and a better solution for the problems addressed in that article]. Ms. University of Amsterdam.

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